"Ukrain Monotherapy" for colorectal cancer treatment.

V.S.Zemskov, Ya.M.Susak*, S.V.Zemskov.

Ukrainian State Medical University, Department of General Surgery.

Patients with advanced colorectal cancer were treated by Ukrain (one group) and by traditional methods (second group, 18 people in each) since 1992. Different clinical, haematological, immunological, histological, instrumental data, types of operative invasia, rate of survival were compared in these two groups before and after the therapy.

Obtained results show to us that "Ukrain Monotherapy" is expedient in the case of advanced colorectal cancer, espesially in unfavourable ecological situations and common immune depression. This study has shown that the high susceptibility of human colon cancer cells to Ukrain in vitro is also found in the clinic situation in colorectal patients.