Biological and physiological effects of Ukrain

J.W. Nowicky

It has been shown in clinical and non-clinical studies that Ukrain (thiophosphoric acid alkaloid derivatives from Chelidonium majus L.) is immunologically effective and has a direct influence on various kinds of carcinomas. It has been observed that the administration of Ukrain causes an increase in the number of natural killer cells.

Ukrain stimulates the body`s defences and tissue regeneration, especially of lymphatic tissue. In vitro Ukrain demonstrates a divers influence on oxygen consumption in malignant and healthy cells. Ukrain probably has a direct cytolytic effect on cancer cells. It has also been shown that Ukrain enhances the cytolytic response or spleen cells from alloimmunised mice in a dose-dependent manner. A study of the cytotoxical effects of Ukrain on a bladder carcinoma cell line showed a possible connection between Ukrain and the unusally high disattachment rate of more than half the originally surface-bound carcinoma cells. Of the disattached cells approx. 75% were already dead or going to die within a relatively short time. Assays for cytotoxicity with Ukrain on several human epithelial tumor cell lines showed, a LD50 of approx. 4μg/ml.

In a study of EsB cells the inhibitive effect of Ukrain on DNA and RNA nucleotide synthesis and cell proliveration in malignant cells was demonstrated. In a clinical study with Ukrain on small cell lung carcinoma 50% of the patients are still alive 18 months after beginning monotherapy with Ukrain. In a current clinical study on patients with mamma-carcinomas Ukrain has caused demarcation and remission of tumors and metastases.

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