Alterations of DNA, RNA and protein synthesis in malignant cells under the influence of Ukrain

J.W. Nowicky1, Władysława Nowicky1, W. Hiesmayr1, A. Potopalsky Liepins3

1Ukrainian Anti-Cancer Institute. Vienna. Austria:
2Microbiological Institute. Kiew Ukraine:
3Memorial University of Newfoundland. Canada

Ukrain, a semisynthetic compound from alkaloids from Chelidonium maj. and thiophosphoric acid triaziridide has shown cylotoxic, immunomodulatory and tumoricidal action in vitro, in vivo experiments and in the clinic. ONA. RNA and protein synthesis analyses were carried out on animal cell cells lines ?? (hepatocytes), EsB (lymphoma), YAC-1 (lymphoma), P 815 (mastocyton) and human cancer cell lines HeRO P97 (glioblastoma), and WiDr using radioactively labelled 3Thymidine, 3Uridine and 3Leucine. The isotopes (0.? Ci for thymidine and uridine, 1.0 μCi for leucine) were added in 20 μl median per well for 2 to 4 hours. Preincubation with Ukrain was 4 to 22 hours at concentrations of 0.0 (control) 0.1, 1.0, 10.0 and 100.0 μg/ml. Reactions were stopped by addition of 20 μl SDS per well for 20 minutes at 37°C. After lysation of the cells. 100 μl of the suspensions were pipetted on a Whatman filter, dried and washed for 3 limes in 5% TCA for ten minutes and thereafter one time in 99.9% ethanol. After drying and the addition of 5 ml quickszint? Probes were measured for 2 minutes in the ß-counter. With the exception of the glioblastoma cell line HeRO P97 which showed an increased ONA and RNA synthesis to 10 μg/ml Ukrain addition (+95% and +19%) all other lines were inhibited in DNA. RNA and protein synthesis (100%/XX%). ranging from 89.3 ± 4.658 for DNA. 89.5 ± 6.308 for RNA and 97 ± 11.674 for protein synthesis. Inhibition was less marked at 1.0 μg/ml Ukrain concentration, very high at 100.0 μg/ml. These results correlate to studies that were carried out on oxygen consumption tests on malignant cell lines under Ukrain Thus. the oxygen chain may be irreversibly damaged in cancer cells but remained undamaged in normal cell. Cytotoxic effects of Ukrain concerning growth inhibition and lysis of malignant cells range between 3.5 to 4.5 μg/ml median for all human cancer cell lines tested up to date. One of the mechanisms tumoricidal action lies in the ability of Ukrain to inhibit DNA. RNA and protein synthesis in cancer cells. Normal cell lines tested up to date show no growth inhibitory effects on Ukrain concentrations a hundred folds higher than lethal doses for malignant cells.

Keywords: Ukrain; DNA: RNA